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Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine

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    Electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency are introduced into the water. Under the action of electromagnetic waves, various substances in the water are ionized. When the body's toxins are discharged, they react with the ions in the water to produce color. Because there is a small amount of rust in the tap water, it turns light yellow after being ionized, but it has no odor and no grease.


    • IONIC DETOX: Through the electrolysis principle, many negative ions are produced in the water to form active ionic energy water. By means of ion osmosis, the water containing the essential elements of human cells in the detoxification of cell ion rearrangement, improves the permeability of cell membranes by separating the toxins in the body, to restore normal functioning of cells. 

    • EFFECTIVE: The foot spa promotes the body's detox process so that its biological energy can help the human body's environment achieve balance.
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: It can produce many antioxidants such as negative ions. This then accelerates the exchange rate of substances inside and outside the cell, improving the body's antioxidant capacity.

    • EASY AND CONVENIENT:  Easy and convenient to use, you can set the time according to your need and quickly see the salt concentration. The foot spa has a hard plastic casing with a high-quality finish that makes it exceptionally durable. . 

    HOW TO USE:  

    Before connecting the spa to power you need to refer to the user guide. After this, put your feet into the added water with a stipulated amount of salt. Once turned on the spa will begin its work. It reacts with the hydrogen in the water to give you a total body purification.


    1 x Foot SPA Machine (It does not contain a Plastic Basin (Bucket). You can prepare your own Plastic Basin (Bucket)

    1 x Detox Foot Bath Array

    1 x Power Adapter

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    Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine
    Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine
    Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine
    Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine
    Ionic Detox Cleanse Foot Spa Machine